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The company strives to impart the message of ‘saving-in-bullion’ and build a community that understands and acknowledge the intrinsic value of gold by providing everyone from all walks of life with the opportunity to possess, invest and trade in gold.



By realizing the mission, we attempt to empower the community to be self-sustaining and build assets backed by intrinsic assets and not assets backed by promissory notes.



SG Net Pte Ltd is a leading Asian-based bullion retail trading company dealing in investment grade physical gold and silver products from renowned accredited mints and refineries for all, including high net worth individuals and financial institutions from across the globe.

Strategically domiciled in Singapore, SGNet maximizes its location as the island nation is one of Asia’s leading financial and bullion trading hubs with strict and secure fiscal and legal framework.

Using state-of-the-art secure digital technology, SGNet is able to provide safe and real-time online buy and sell facilities to its client base across the world. Leveraging on its reputation and relationships with the world’s best courier companies, the company provides fully secured and insured delivery of physical bullion to any location in the world.

As one of the only end-to-end bullion service companies in Asia, SGNet has teamed up with Singapore’s Auxiliary Police security firm Certis Cisco for mass bullion storage and Malca Amit Singapore, the world’s most renowned jewelry and precious metals logistics and storage company to provide high net worth bullion storage at The Singapore Freeport, the first avant-garde bullion storage facility in the East.

As the penultimate service to its high net worth clientele, SGNet will deliver the region’s first bespoke bullion storage and trading environment through its soon-to-be launched affiliate company, the Singapore Precious Metal Exchange Pte Ltd.

SGNet also supplies bullion products to Auruma International Ltd, a global referral network company with a large client base across 25 countries.


SG Net Pte. Ltd has a paid-up capital of SG$1million and is registered with the Singapore Registrar of Companies under company number 200913784E.


SG Net Pte Ltd (200913784E)
Level 31
6 Battery Road
Raffles Place
Singapore 049909

Tel : +65 6322 0882
Fax: +65 6322 0883



SG Net carries established brands such as Perth Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Royal Silver Mint, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, American Eagle, Scottsdale and Canadian Maple Leaf.

Their products range from 1g wafers up to kilo bars; rounds, coins and innovative precious metal products such as the world’s first .99999 fine silver dirham, world’s first abstract silver dragon coin and Valcambi’s internationally acclaimed 50g gold combi bar.

Its secure logistics service includes the storage and movement of 1g up to multi metric tons of bullion to almost any location in the world. Our clients’ bullion is stored within The Singapore Freeport and Certis Cisco’s vaults which are both co-owned by the Singapore Authorities and are located in bonded zones, providing absolute confidentiality, maximum security and is free of Government Service Tax 


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